Audit Company ,, INAC "offers the complete training course ,, Tax Code Training". For further training we invite the heads of the company, a professional / start-up accountants, tax service representatives, lawyers, financiers, managers and not only them.

The course covers the following topics:
  • General regulations;

  • Taxpayer, tax agent, enterprise, organization, individual;

  • Information delivery to taxpayer and the system of Georgian tax authorities;

  • Tax liability;

  • Income and profit taxes;

  • Value-added tax;

  • Excise;

  • Import tax;

  • Local taxes;

  • Transmission of goods in Georgian exclusive territory;

  • Tax provision;

  • Tax Law and Responsibility;

  • Tax disputes and tax agreement.

The training will be conducted by certified trainers with extensive practical experience in the field of taxation.

Business development is the tax system to bypass!

Lift up your skills and become a reliable partner for your clients!

Protect your business from unforeseen tax penalties!